Available Memorial Day Week - Labor Day Week @ $1,975 per week (for 1-2 weeks), $1,650 per week (for 3+ weeks).

September, after Labor Day Week @ $1,850 per week. October through the week before Memorial Day week, $1,450 per week excluding Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, check availability and rates for holiday weeks.

Previous renters are invited for non-seasonal, non-holiday, 4 day weekends for $750 per weekend, which includes firewood.

Thank you.

Some prime weeks are still available.

Weeks start on Saturday at 4:00 and end at Saturday noon, however, we are flexible on the day of the week, based on dates already booked.

For further info call Wendy at (212) 285-0979 through July 21st or (207) 863-2087 from July 23rd to Labor Day.

Messages can be left any time at (212) 285-0979.

Easily viewed, I have family in town. Thanks for your interest!


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